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GMAT Exam Schedule 2023

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GMAT Exam Schedule

The GMAC has made it simpler for GMAT candidates to schedule their test date at their convenience. In contrast to other admissions examinations, the GMAT examination dates are quite flexible. It may be taken throughout the year. You may schedule a test up to twenty-four hours in advance. Every day, with the exception of Sundays and a few national holidays, test dates are available. It may be retaken after 16 calendar days and five times per year. However, the lifetime maximum number of GMAT attempts is eight. Ensure that seats are available at your selected GMAT test site before enrolling. Register for your GMAT exam and hire our experts to take your GMAT exams for you and pass with flying colors.

Even though test dates are often available, it is essential to consider two considerations while arranging the exam.

University Deadlines — When arranging your GMAT test date, be mindful of your university’s application deadlines, since your GMAT scores must be received by the B-school of your choice before or on the application deadline. Therefore, while arranging your test, please bear the time constraints in mind and provide sufficient time for the process to be completed prior to the deadlines. Ideally, you should take the GMAT at least 5 to 6 months before the deadlines so that you have the time to prepare essays, resumes, and letters of recommendation (Letter of Recommendations). A minimum of one month is required to accomplish these. We advise you hire our expects to take the GMAT exam for you so that once you register to take the exam you pass at the first attempt and meet the deadlines.

Preparation – Test preparation is key. There is no use in scheduling a test date if you are not fully prepared. The purpose of taking the GMAT is to get a score that will provide admission to the business school of your choice. If you are not thoroughly prepared and do not get the required GMAT score, you will be required to retake the test, which will be a waste of time and money. Therefore, prepare carefully for the test.Pay our experts to take the GMAT for you and get admission in the business school of your choice.

According to GMAC, the governing body of the GMAT, there are no stated GMAT exam eligibility criteria. However, prior to applying to any college or university, it is essential that you examine the requirements of each school. Learn more about the eligibility criteria for the GMAT.

How to Register for the Test

You may register up to six months in advance. You may schedule the exam in one of three ways:

  • Create an account on and finish the registration process to register online. (Note: This is the most popular registration technique.)
  • Phone: Contact GMAT Customer Service for your area (Note: An additional $10 service fee may apply).
  • Fill out the GMAT Appointment Scheduling Form and send it back. Please ensure that your information and paperwork arrives at least 10 days prior to the test date you’ve picked.

Plan your GMAT test date in advance, bearing in mind your desired GMAT score and application deadlines. This will aid you in picking the proper exam day and preventing later, unnecessary rescheduling.

There should be sufficient time between the date of your test and the application deadlines for the various B-schools to which you want to apply. To improve your GMAT scores, you may need to retake the examination. Maintain enough ventilation for this as well.

Before you schedule the exam, take a few practice exams. The outcomes of the practice examinations will assist you in estimating how long it will take you to get your desired grade. If you score on the practice exam is not impressive, you should hire an expert to take the GMAT exam for you.

Attempting the GMAT

You may register for the GMAT between six months and twenty-four hours prior to your desired test date. It is essential to take the exam as soon as possible in order to get your preferred test day and time.

If you intend to take the test on a specific day but there are no open time slots, often check the registration page on After a few days of waiting, you may find a vacant seat if you’re lucky. This happens when a test-taker reschedules or cancels the exam.

Verify that your name on the registration form matches the name on your identity document.

Please verify that the GMAT test date and venue you provided during registration are correct.

You may pay for your exam using a credit card, debit card, check, or money order. Only credit cards are accepted for registration in India.

Verify that your passport is still valid and not about to expire. If the passport is invalid, test center admission will be refused.

Numerous exam administration slots are often available throughout the day at the testing site. Morning and afternoon appointments are available (if all seats in a particular slot are not taken). Choose a time frame that suits your needs. Determine if you like the morning or the afternoon. You should not take the test when exhausted. It is also advised that you take at least four to five practice examinations in the same time slot as your actual exam in order to familiarize yourself with taking tests within that time frame. Conditioning the mind is crucial.

GMAT reschedule and postponement

Within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, you may postpone or cancel the exam, as well as change the testing location, for a fee. Visit for the most updated pricing information. Choose your country to see price limitations. In the case of a test cancellation, the rescheduling cost or refund is decided by the number of days left until the original test date.

Remember that you must have more than 24 hours to complete the task. If not, your whole fee will be forfeited, and you will be asked to pay the full amount if the exam date is rescheduled.

In A Nutshell

Available test dates occur throughout the year. However, in order to get the optimum GMAT score, you must prepare beforehand. Plan for the GMAT at least 5 to 6 months in advance. If you are stuck and are not well prepared, contact our customer support , they will set you up with an experienced GMAT test-taker to ace your exam for you.

Early on, search for test centers in or around your area. There are several test centers in the metropolitan region and surrounding locations. Consider the distance, location, and reviews of the test facility. The examination center’s quality is crucial.

Before or while preparing for the GMAT, read the registration instructions on carefully to ensure that you comprehend the GMAT’s integrities and other registration requirements. You do not want to be startled by new information at the eleventh hour. For instance, you must possess a valid passport to take the exam. If you arrive at the testing site with an expired passport, you will be refused entry.

Before commencing GMAT preparation, it is crucial to do research on prospective B-schools. Check the GMAT score requirements for each school in order to arrange your GMAT preparation. A higher GMAT target score necessitates more preparation time.

Take a few practice tests to determine your current level and the amount of time you will need to prepare. This will assist you in choosing a test date.

If you have a disability and need testing accommodations, you must adhere to the specific scheduling rules.

Examine Your Score Using a Free Practice Test Immediately

Using our practice examinations, you may determine your current standing. Through our strategy sessions, you may discover the optimal improvement path.


How do I choose a GMAT test date?

The candidate should examine the following variables before to choosing GMAT dates:

• When is the application deadline for business school?

• It is essential to begin preparations at least 10 months beforehand.

Why Schedule a GMAT test session at least six months before the application deadline; only then may the candidate repeat the GMAT at a later date.

How can I reserve a seat for the GMAT?

To pick a GMAT exam date, you must first determine if the available GMAT exam dates are accessible. To do so, please follow these steps: –

• Visit the GMAT website and go to the Test Dates page.

You will be redirected to a page.

• Enter the code and then press the submit button.

• The subsequent step is to choose a testing site.

• Select your desired country. You will be provided a list of all accessible test centers upon entering India. Depending on your interests, you may pick up to three GMAT test venues. After selecting three test centers, the computer will provide you with a calendar from which to pick GMAT exam dates.


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