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Find an expert to help you get a high score in GRE GMAT or TOEFL

what we do

You can hire experts from top universities around the world to help you score perfectly on your upcoming GRE/GMAT/TOEFL online exams. This is the perfect solution at a great price if you are still anxious about the upcoming exams.

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Hire someone to take GRE for you

The GRE is the world’s most widely accepted admissions test for graduate schools, especially in US universities across all majors except law and business, focusing on academic potential rather than English proficiency.

Pay someone to take TOEFL for you

TOEFL is a test of English proficiency for non-native English speakers. Globally, TOEFL is one of the most widely used and valued English language tests.

Pay someone to take GMAT for you

The GMAT is the graduate admissions test for U.S. business schools. For universities in the US, UK, Australia and more

Hire someone to take the test for me

Do you want to hire an expert to take the GRE/TOEFL/GMAT test on your behalf? TestHelper has you covered.

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Qualified online test helper

24/7 Online

Security Plugin.The online test help experts we employ are all from the world’s top universities and have many years of experience in taking exams. We arrange academic experts in accordance with the exam requirements you provide, provide pricing plans that meet your exam needs, and achieve your ideal results! In addition to having the best test experts, TestHelper also has the safest anti-detection technology, which ensures that test experts complete the test service safely.

Quality of exam takers: The skill and technique required for attempting and completing an online toefl test and gre at home exam are not in built in all the exam helpers so it is necessary that the ghostwriter must have experience in attempting online tests. Therefore, we have hired some experienced and skilled online test helpers capable of answering any level of the online quiz for toefl/gre/gmat…. The online exam helpers consist of guest lecturers and professors from renowned universities who adopt various intricacies while attempting an online exam.

24/7Availability over call and messages: Students can call us any time of the day; our test helpers online remain online to respond back to your queries. A call back facility is also available as per the student’s wish. Students can also contact us via message or email. When a student places a request for online exam help, he is eligible to receive all notifications related to the beginning and completion of the test.

Our promise

Every international student has a different score target for the GRE/TOEFL/GMAT test. TestHelper guarantees to help international students achieve their scores without risk.

Online exam helper for Toefl, GRE and GMAT tests

Online toefl exams are not limited to a single topic; the student is required to answer different questions related to a specific English exam. It is not feasible for a single student to prepare himself with all the topics before attempting an online toefl or GRE or GMAT exam. If the student is coming to our door for help with test, he needs not worry as our online exam helper will complete his exam with distinction. Our exam helpers guarantee quality in each and every exam that they undertake. Some of the exams in which a student requests for online exam help are as follows: If the exams in which you are looking for help is not mentioned here, do not worry, just inform us,our online test help includes:online toefl exam takers for hire/gre exam takers for hire/gmat online exam help and so on. So if you are looking for hiring someone to take online proctored exam.You just need to inform us about the test details through chat or email, and our exam takers will get in touch with you. Our exam helpers are ready to help students even when their online exam commences within few hours.

In order to give every customer the most comfortable and safest experience, we constantly upgrade our team and service experience, and ensure the safety of customers in all aspects of the test.. At TestHelper, you can experience:

  • No-hassle Refund Policy
  • 24*7 always-online service

Success Case

Regardless of whether you have worked with TestHelper before, you must have heard of us from other friends or classmates. Since its establishment in 2010, TestHelper has successfully completed the high-scoring test for tens of thousands of international students. We have received compliments from almost every client. Below are our recent success stories.


“I have to say that I really like your service! I still can’t believe that I just paid these fees and got my ideal transcript! Thanks to my classmates for recommending you to me. Really Great!” This American client got to know us through a classmate’s introduction and achieved a TOEFL score of 108.

Client: noname

Year: 2022

GRE Score

Got the desired score, very satisfied

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“You guys did an amazing job! I still can’t believe it! The GRE test professionals you hired were so helpful and kept in touch throughout the process, it was the most productive experience. Really Thank you very much for your service!” The Singaporean customer with official GRE325+ scores enthusiastically left a comment.

Year: 2022

GMAT Score

Got 750 points, it’s really awesome, the experts at TestHelper are really awesome, I’m American


“Thank you so much Eddie ! You and the team have been very patient and listened to all my requests, the exam was very successful as I got the GMAT score I wanted! You guys are professional and hope Lucas will continue to provide the same experience. Highly recommended! This is 100% worth the service!” This is the positive feedback from the 750 GMAT score customers on the hired academic experts.

Client: Jane ****

Year: 2021


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