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What is the Cost to take GRE & GMAT PAYMENT?

What is the Cost to take the GRE & GMAT PAYMENT?

What Are the Fees For Taking The GRE?

Let us just review the GRE refers to then we will be diving into the specifics of Cost to take the GRE

.To apply to college, you need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The U.S. is where you’re most likely to encounter it. The exam for the MBA has three major sections. Analytical writing, together with verbal and numeric thinking, are all part of this package.

Cost to take the GRE
Cost to take the GRE

The abbreviation “GRE” refers to the Generalized Testing and Evaluation Program. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) developed and conducts this exam to gauge a student’s readiness for life beyond high school from a cognitive standpoint. A candidate’s GRE General Test score may be supplemented with scores from GRE Subject Tests in areas like arithmetic, psychology, or physics.

The Whole Lot Regarding the Cost to take the GRE

It is crucial to remember that all payments for the GRE exam and services associated to the GRE test take into account the different taxes. In areas where municipal taxes are mandated to be disclosed, they are not included in the prices supplied to ETS. The consumer is responsible for any taxes required by their government. In other words, ETS has no legal obligation to track down and pay these levies on the customer’s behalf.

How Much Does GRE Cost?

The GRE General Cost to take the GRE is $205 everywhere except Australia, China, India, Nigeria, and Turkey. The GRE entry fee in Turkey is $255, which is the highest in the world. In China you’ll pay $231.30, in India $213, and in Nigerian $226.

If you are unable to pay the full Cost to take the GRE, we provide a 50% reduction. However, there are only so many discounts available, and they are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Cutbacks in tuition are available, for example, for unemployed college graduates and college seniors.

Extra costs

Extra Cost to take the GRE may apply in some circumstances. If you need to postpone your exam or move it to a different site, there will be a $50 fee. The average cost to change a reservation in China is $53.90 USD. Scheduling for the GRE after the deadline incurs a $25 late charge when done online.

Terms of Sale

Paying for online tests may be made using any of the following: bank cards, debit cards, PayPal, e-check services for US bank accounts, money orders, certified checks, or vouchers.

To figure out how to make a payment from inside China, please go to the payment instructions section of your NEEA account. To further accommodate test-takers, the paper application accepts Western

Union Quick Pay as an extra method of payment. In Nigeria, your sole choices for making a purchase would include using a credit card or a service like PayPal.

cost to take gmat
cost to take gmat

GMAT payment

Acceptable credit cards are ;

American Express,


To identify the transaction, look for “VUE*GRAD MGMT TEST” on your credit card account.

If the GMAT payment is denied, the reservation would be cancelled immediately.

Applicants who need to postpone their GMAT test schedule must do so by paying the appropriate rescheduling fee.

An applicant’s GMAT payment for registration will be revoked if a stolen bank account is used to pay for the application. The GMAT may take strong measures as well.

GMAC may prevent a student from retaking the GMAT if they dispute their credit card charges for the test.

GMAT payment via Check, Money Order, or Personal Check for the GMAT Exam

The preceding should be taken into account by anyone planning to pay for the GMAT via check or money order:

All payments for the GMAT should be made in US Dollars to Pearson VUE GMAT.

The present date should be used.

Get your signature properly.

The name of the bank and its address have already been custom printed on the cheque.

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