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How to prepare for toefl listening section? Expert advice is…

How to prepare for toefl exam? To take toefl, you need to be well prepared for all the four parts of contents.Taking toefl listening section for example, what you should pay attention to? Is reciting their prepared answer a good choice? if you’re looking for some help on the TOEFL test,You’re in the right place!


“Overview of the TOEFL Listening Section”

Coping with toefl listening test, first of all must be built on a certain vocabulary and grammar basis.Mastering a vocabulary at least equivalent to CET-4 is necessary to ensure good performance in listening test. Not only should you be able to recognize the words, but you should also be able to spell them. The grammar required in the listening section is not too difficult. The grammar in middle and high school is sufficient for the listening test. However, if you do not have enough vocabulary and basic grammar knowledge, even if you can hear many answers, you may not be able to give the correct answer because of the weak basic skills. 

Secondly, to take toefl test,we should be familiar with the common expressions in oral English. Listening and speaking belong to the same category, which does not involve too much written expression. Mastering common daily expressions and sentence patterns, combining with the preparation of grammar parts, forming certain conditioned reflexes, is helpful to improve the sensitivity of conversation. 

Third, you should insist on the practice of dictation ability. The first and second parts of the listening exam are usually not difficult. They usually test the ability of sketching and basic skills.

toefl listening test preparation

“How to prepare for toefl exam?”

1.Expert ADVICE 1:learn shorthand

Expert ADVICE is that IN THE PROCESS OF LISTENING, IF LISTEN TO THE key words, grasp the signal word, pay attention to the stress principle in listening, the principle of repetition, the principle of conjunction, the principle of proximity, plus write fast, usually without too big obstacle. One of the main problems that candidates have reflected in the listening process is that they seem to understand a lot of the content, but immediately forget it. The listening test requires both listening and writing. To hear, but not to write down, is not to hear. So I suggest you learn shorthand. 

2.Expert ADVICE 2:pay attention to signal word conjunctions

Toefl for test takers is not that difficult,There is a “strange way” to prepare listening test. In addition, according to the differences between listening and other English tests in content, toefl listening is mainly divided into two categories of scenarios. Social life scene can be mainly including housing rental, tourism, shopping, geographical location, banking and so on. Academic education scene. It mainly includes learning life, library, learning strategy, curriculum and discipline, environment, scientific experiment and so on. The listening test is divided into 4 parts, including 40 questions, each part of the average distribution of 10 questions, they are orderly interspersed in four scenes. The first two scenes are usually life scenes, and the last two scenes are usually academic scenes. In the process of playing the question, the answer is in the information point is in accordance with the sequence of the question number and the content of the question, so we should roughly understand a possible sequence of the question first. And the amount of information is larger, especially into the third and fourth part, some examinees will be difficult to grasp the rhythm of the test because of tension and other reasons, once you miss a topic, the topic followed by a blank.

Therefore, for candidates taking the TOEFL listening test,they must pay attention to listening some important to undertake signal word conjunctions. For example, words like “but,” “however,” “and” “also”, which are important take-over signals, often have hidden answers behind them. They serve as a link between the preceding and the following. To undertake the signal word can help candidates accurately locate the answer, as far as possible to avoid the phenomenon of missing questions. To improve contents comprehension in the listening tapes, such as the textbook tapes, oral textbook tapes, and also choose to listen to interesting materials that are suitable or slightly higher than our level. Whether it is fine listening or listening, do not look at the text material at the beginning. Some students like to read the material the first time they listen, which is not very effective. When listening carefully, toefl test taker should first listen to the recording content completely from beginning to end, and then listen again and again to the places that we do not understand. If some places really do not understand, should also try to listen to each syllable, and then open the book to have a look, some affect the understanding of the new words can look up the dictionary, do not have to look up every word. Then close the book and listen from beginning to end until you can understand all the content. Through this kind of listening training, can promote oneself to improve the ability of distinguishing sounds and listening comprehension. If you read the written material, it is often not the ear in discriminating the sound, but the brain in thinking and reciting. If you listen to the written material, it is often your own silent reading, which can not achieve the purpose of improving listening, and you will not understand the new material.

3.Expert ADVICE 3:broaden your horizons instead of just memorizing answers

It is best to choose the teaching recording, the original topic material and the story of the short or popular science short; Pan-listening can choose some oral textbooks or some interesting stories. Try to make more contact with recording materials, in order to get familiar with English pronunciation, expand the scope of knowledge, improve listening. Pan-listen to can be over, as long as you understand the general meaning of the line. Listen to the new words do not stop to think, because some new words can be understood in the whole content. Some new words do not affect the understanding of the meaning, can ignore, stop to think, but affect the following content. Toefl takers don’t have to understand every word in the exam. Do get out of the habit of listening to all the words. 

Also, in oral exams, I have met students reciting their prepared answers. In the written and oral parts of TOEFL, Chinese candidates are often asked to give their opinions, but they often meet different Chinese students who give the same answers. Even the words are the same when he was marking a paper, he saw several students’ compositions with almost the same topic, content and even words.

They don’t know. It’s self-defeating.We train our examiners to distinguish between improvisation and reciting answers, and we usually don’t give them high marks.” Thus, we hope students should broaden their horizons and have more ideas instead of just memorizing answers to take toefl.

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