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How to get a high score in toefl:Strategies and Practice

To take toefl test, a high score is based on the use of English. So it’s not enough to just do TOEFL tests and practice tests. If you want to get a high score, you have to learn English, especially vocabulary.

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 The purpose of taking the TOEFL test is that you want to study in the United States or something. At this point, you’d better decide which school to go to. So your ultimate goal is to successfully get into that university. Learn Standard English so that you can score high on TOEFL and be at the top of your class. Be sure to answer all the questions on the TOEFL test. You will not be penalized for guessing. Don’t leave any blanks on your answer sheet. If you can’t do it, guess it.

Answer easy TOEFL questions correctly quickly. Those you can guarantee are correct, answer them as quickly as possible, and use the rest of the time for questions you think are more complicated. Fill in the answer Sheet carefully You must fill in the answer sheet carefully. If you want to skip a difficult question and answer it later, be sure to remember not to complete that question. When practicing for the TOEFL test, many students find that they get the questions wrong again. If this happens to you, find a way to correct it. In the process of preparing for the TOEFL, it is important to know what areas you need to improve. To improve, you need to do all kinds of exercises that will help you improve your English. If your reading comprehension is not good, don’t just do this, read a lot of different things. When you do TOEFL practice tests, be strict with yourself. Each section is completed within the allotted time. That way you’ll have an idea of how long it will take to answer each question so you can manage your time better. When using English to strengthen your TOEFL test, remember that English will help you learn the language both in school and in informal Settings. Don’t overlook movies, television and other so-called “non-standard” forms of English.

Vocabulary questions are often a bottleneck in the TOEFL test. However, in fact, vocabulary problems often appear to change the previous vocabulary problems and start over. Therefore, it would be helpful to pass the vocabulary questions one or two times quickly. Grammar is something that many people do not realize when they are preparing for the TOEFL, especially when they are studying for the reading test. The key point of the reading test is the summary and the details. There is no way to improve the summative content in a short time, but consider the fact that the TOEFL test for detailed grammar points are traceable. Therefore, it is possible to pick out these TOEFL grammar key points and explain them to the key points, and if the test taker has a good absorptive capacity, it is also possible to improve the probability of 5 points or more. Listening: 10 days, for listening in general, is really a drop in the bucket. If you haven’t done any basic practice before, 10 days is not going to help. But, in fact, there is one focus that can be improved in a short time. It’s the same as reading, it’s a detailed understanding. However, despite the details, listening and reading are still different. In reading, the sentence is more complex, in the same sentence can be a lot of soft knowledge points. But in the listening, the sentence compared to the difficulty will be reduced a lot, therefore, in the listening, there is no need to study as detailed as reading, as long as the TPO original text to find out, careful analysis can be.

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