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The Ultimate Guide to prepare for toefl exam

How to prepare for toefl exam?how many day you need if you want to improve your toefl online test by 10 Points?what’s the difference between toefl exam and CET-4/CET-6?

How to prepare for toefl test?

To take toefl, the vocabulary questions are often a bottleneck in the TOEFL test. However, in fact, vocabulary problems often appear to change the previous vocabulary problems and start over. Therefore, it would be helpful to pass the vocabulary questions one or two times quickly. Grammar is something that many people do not realize when they are preparing for the TOEFL, especially when they are studying for the reading test. The key point of the reading test is the summary and the details. There is no way to improve the summative content in a short time, but consider the fact that the TOEFL test for detailed grammar points are traceable. Therefore, it is possible to pick out these TOEFL grammar key points and explain them to the key points, and if the test taker has a good absorptive capacity, it is also possible to improve the probability of 5 points or more. Listening: 10 days, for listening in general, is really a drop in the bucket. If you haven’t done any basic practice before, 10 days is not going to help. But, in fact, there is one focus that can be improved in a short time. It’s the same as reading, it’s a detailed understanding. However, despite the details, listening and reading are still different. In reading, the sentence is more complex, in the same sentence can be a lot of soft knowledge points. But in the listening, the sentence compared to the difficulty will be reduced a lot, therefore, in the listening, there is no need to study as detailed as reading, as long as the TPO original text to find out, careful analysis can be.

Preparing toefl test

Why is toefl preparation is important?cause Whether TOEFL is good or not depends on the gap between the examinee’s own level and the target score, but generally speaking, it is difficult to achieve a more ideal TOEFL score. From the perspective of the TOEFL test form, it is also quite different from the familiar domestic test form. To be specific, the TOEFL test is divided into four parts of reading, listening, speaking and writing.

In the reading section, we need to read 3-4 articles of 700 words in length, and each article needs to do 10 multiple choice questions within 18 minutes. The questions include single choice, double choice and 6 choices 3. The reading materials include astronomy, biology, art and other topics. The listening section includes two types of questions: dialogue and lecture. The dialogue should last about two minutes. After listening, complete the five multiple-choice questions. The lecture lasts about 5 minutes. After listening, you should complete 6 multiple choice questions. The questions include single choice and double choice. The listening section consists of two or three dialogues and three or four lectures. Listening materials include astronomy, biology, art and other topics. It should be noted that in the listening section, we can not see the questions when listening to the material, and we need to answer according to the notes. The oral part contains one independent oral question and three comprehensive oral questions. The comprehensive oral question requires reading a reading material and listening to a listening passage before answering. So actually speaking is very comprehensive level. The writing part contains a comprehensive writing question and an independent writing question, which is similar to the comprehensive speaking question. The comprehensive writing needs to read a reading material and listen to a listening passage before answering. So in fact, writing is also very comprehensive.These are things you should know about during your toefl prepare.

what’s the difference between toefl exam and CET-4/CET-6?

The TOEFL and IELTS test students’ comprehensive application ability, including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Toefl and IELTS are more difficult than ordinary English tests (CET-4, CET-6, TEM4, TEM8). Because most of the tests in China are listening and reading ability, while TOEFL and IELTS test practical application ability. Generally, students who have passed CET-6 or TEM-4 or TEM-8 have their own unique skills and methods, so it is easier to break through the TOEFL and IELTS on the basis of the previous ones. It is a kind of knowledge with strong linguistic continuity. There is no difference between CET-4 and TOEFL. Candidates can choose according to their own needs. All three tests look at listening, speaking, reading and writing. The difference lies in vocabulary and breadth of background knowledge. Although there are oral exams in CET-4 and CET-6, few people take them, and Topher takes oral English as a required part of the exam. It can be seen that TOEFL pays more attention to the English level of examinees. As the English proficiency test for College English Test Band 4, the difficulty is similar to NMET, and the vocabulary required to pass the test is about 4,600 words. Compared with CET-6 and CET-4, the difficulty ladder has risen one level, and the vocabulary is about 6000. On the basis of CET-4,600 vocabulary, 3000 core vocabulary and 2000 background expanded vocabulary are added, that is, 8000-12000 vocabulary in TOEFL. As far as content is concerned, there is little comparison between CET-4 and TOEFL. College English Test Band 4 and Band 6 is an English proficiency test for college students, which tests students’ daily English vocabulary level and general English listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. Toefl tests students’ background knowledge and logical thinking based on simple English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. However, both tests are English proficiency tests, divided according to vocabulary level, comprehension and application ability. The difficulty ladder is roughly as follows: CET-4 → CET-6 → TOEFL. Although the three tests have different emphases, the comparison is only meaningful in terms of English proficiency.

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