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How to well Prepared for the 4 parts of TOEFL?

The TOEFL test measures a candidate’s ability to use and understand English at the college level. It has four different parts to take toefl test with reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

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Each section is scored between 0 and 30, which means your total score is between 0 and 120. According to ETS, the average score on the TOEFL in 2015 was 84, or about 21 on each section. Now, everyone has their own opinion about TOEFL, but the general consensus among examinees is that while TOEFL is a challenging test, it won’t be too much of a challenge if you are exposed to English regularly, such as taking English classes, and you can easily communicate in English. However, if you are still learning English and are only exposed to it in English study classes, it is a little difficult to get good grades. One of the most difficult aspects of the TOEFL is its length. It takes nearly four hours to complete the TOEFL test. Even if you find many of the questions easy, it takes a long time to take the test, especially in a language that is not your native language. Many people begin to tire in the later part, which may lead to mistakes in the exam. Your vocabulary knowledge will be tested most directly in the reading section, where you will read a number of academic articles and be directly asked questions about vocabulary, but each section of the TOEFL requires a rich vocabulary. Knowing a lot of English vocabulary will help you understand all the questions, read the prompts and the articles.

First, the vocabulary of TOEFL is a little difficult. Among them, it has a large vocabulary. The vocabulary requirement of the TOEFL test is 8000+, and you need to narrow the gap of thousands of words within a few months, which is actually a very difficult process. In addition, synonyms are easy to be confused, and rare words are difficult to remember. Because it has many and complex types of questions, including Factual Information questions, Negative Factual Information questions and so on, a total of ten types of questions. Secondly, the background knowledge of reading is complicated, because the subject of TOEFL involves some professional knowledge content, and there will be some new professional words in the article, so it is really difficult to adapt to it in a short time. The third reason is the difference between Chinese and foreign thinking and listening and speaking. Toefl is also has the certain difficulty in hearing, four is the toefl writing difficulties, toefl writing for Chinese students is one of the biggest difficulty in the Chinese mind, most of the questions will be translated into Chinese, use Chinese way of thinking to think first, including the question of illustration, a reference to translate these into English, That’s the typical Chinese way of thinking, and that’s the hardest thing to overcome. These two sections are supposed to be more difficult than the reading and listening sections, but they are not.

So the reason I put it together here is because the skills required for these two parts overlap. Toefl not only expects you to speak or write well, it also measures your ability to receive information. It also measures your ability to process information and then paraphrase it yourself. In fact, the difficulty of these two parts is also difficult to determine, because there are no right and wrong answers in speaking and writing. It all depends on how you structure the language to present your answer. So why are writing and speaking supposed to be more difficult than reading and writing? That’s because you’re going to build on the information you already have, processing and reorganizing it to create your own speaking and writing material. But that’s not true, because we have templates. Speaking for a long time, in fact, the difficulty of oral and writing is not in skills and means, but its open questions! This is true for the first two questions in speaking and for independent writing. For example: “What is your favorite childhood memory?” To answer it, you need to search for and choose a snippet from your childhood memories in 15 seconds, then figure out how to express it, and then talk about it for another 45 seconds. Also, in the writing section, you’ll see prompts for essays that ask you to choose specific reasons and examples for a given topic to express an accurate opinion. There are a lot of things you can talk about with these two types of questions, but it’s often harder because you have to pick the best ones. This is a kind of torture for students who have difficulty choosing. Of course, that’s why we always emphasize the accumulation of material, it will save you a lot of work. And after practicing many times, these similar questions won’t be so difficult. The first difficulty of the TOEFL test is the length of the test. It is three hours long, and even though many of the questions are easy, paying attention for a long time will cause many people to feel tired and make mistakes at the end of the test.

In addition, the last part of the TOEFL test is the writing, which requires students to be more patient to answer. A friendly reminder: Pace yourself before the test so you can take the test easily.

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