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4 useful TOEFL preparation strategies you need to know

Toefl test is the basic condition for admission to American universities, domestic students generally think that toefl listening is more difficult, TOEFL vocabulary is also the basis of the whole test, so, what is the TOEFL test in the end more difficult?

toefl test preparation

what makes toefl test difficult?

To prepare for toefl test, the following global TOEFL teacher for you to introduce the difficults in toelf test in detail firstly. 

1.Poor pronunciation skills.

Good pronunciation knowledge is the foundation of TOEFL listening dictation special English recording. Accurately grasp the pronunciation, even new words, it is not difficult to find the answer from the dictionary according to its pronunciation. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough phonetic knowledge, you may not be able to understand even the words you know, let alone really encounter the new words. Due to various reasons, many people do not get enough pronunciation training in the process of learning English. Although they have memorized thousands or tens of thousands of words and a lot of grammar knowledge, they can read written English articles smoothly, but they cannot understand the slow English broadcast with only more than 1500 words.

2.Not proficient in grammar.

Due to the lack of sound knowledge, I can’t solve problems by myself in the repeated process of “listening” and “writing”, and I can’t find and correct errors by myself. Practice shows that for beginners who are not high in English, a recording can not be completed by a dictation, the first few dictation records will generally have a lot of gaps (can not hear what is) and errors (some think they are correct dictation, but actually is wrong). These gaps and errors need to be discovered and corrected repeatedly through continuous “listening” and “writing”. Because the phonetics knowledge is not solid, often “listen” “write, find out. Toefl vocabulary Not enough vocabulary, I can recognize the word when I write it, and I can pronounce it correctly, but I can’t understand it because of my narrow understanding of the meaning. For example, if you know free means “free”, you may find it difficult to understand The meaning of “free” when you hear “the wind mill costs money of course, but the wind itself is free”. The windmill costs money to build, but the wind itself is free. This understanding is obviously not smooth and does not connect with the meaning of the context. The windmill costs money to build, but the wind itself is free.

4 strategies to Prepare for the Test the Right Way

Toefl test preparation tip 1:Learn to guess words and improve efficiency

A common mistake people make when preparing for the TOEFL is to waste unnecessary time. Many people choose to spend a lot of time and energy on rote memorization of words. Obviously, this is not an efficient learning method, because it is impossible to really remember all the words you have learned. so here comes a clever way to prepare for the toefl exam is look at it is that the words you have memorized may not appear in the process of the test. On the contrary, it may be better to learn the words in context as you read the article. For example, when you see a new word in an article, you can guess the meaning of the word based on the context and context, instead of looking it up in a dictionary. 

Practice your concentration in a noisy environment

Many students think that the TOEFL test site is very quiet, the environment should be good. In fact, the reality is often “cruel”, once it comes to the speaking part, the examination room can become busy in an instant. So you should consider your surroundings when preparing for the toefl test. It’s important to practice your concentration in a noisy environment.

toefl preparation

Make a preparation plan in advance

why a toefl preparation plan in advance is important?The problem posed by this expert has a slightly “whining” feel: too many words! It’s not hard to imagine what you think when you’re marking a paper and you see a long, feature-free essay. Writing a large number of words is not a serious problem, but many people suffer from it. To some extent, the essay with more words will score higher than the essay with less words, but the English level of many candidates cannot support his writing. 700 words? I can’t believe 400 words is great, and on top of that, the more you write, the more you make mistakes, and the more you make mistakes in grammar and spelling, the more you lose. The students who scored the best in the exam all had one thing in common, that is, they made a preparation plan in advance, including but not limited to what they would do each day and what materials they would review. The advantage of doing this is that you can save a lot of time wasted on finding materials and focus on completing your own tasks each day. Students with poor grades do not have a detailed time plan when preparing for the exam, but if there is an accident, it is easy to get confused. Some test takers like to look around during the listening section, which is the worst enemy of listening. The best thing to do is to concentrate on listening, focus your attention on your notes, and write as you listen.

Memorize&grasp vocabulary as much as possible

For the review of the basic stage, vocabulary training is very important in toefl training test. it also an useful toefl prepatation skill,In the case of sufficient time, the examinee had better recite 4-5 times, cycle memory, so that you can fully memorize, grasp the vocabulary. Listening in TOEFL is a very rare part of a high score, candidates do not need to panic, just step by step, can do dictation to improve, the material can choose VOA or new concepts. Keep listening and writing every day, which will achieve good results. Speaking is also an important part. You can read after VOA to correct pronunciation, practice American pronunciation, and search for some topics to practice. In short, the basic training stage is about persistence.

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